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For those wondering, Laura’s last name is pronounced Rice. Like the food. Her mission is to make: Systems, Process, and Structure no longer dirty words! TLDR: Laura is all about creating a great life, through organization and structure, to maximize creativity and productivity. In the free time that creates she can be found running (5k’s, 10k’s and ½ Marathons), reading mystery novels, cooking, and spending quality time with friends and family.  She began in the organizing industry officially in 2011, but had been streamlining systems and processes, long before then. After working for another company for years, Laura opened CRUX Organizing in 2015. Laura places an emphasis on continuing her own education to ensure that services offered by CRUX are at the forefront of the industry. Laura has been a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) since 2011, including posts as NAPO Baltimore Treasurer from 2013 — 2015, NAPO Baltimore President from 2015 — 2018, and Baltimore Immediate Past President 2018 — 2019. CRUX Organizing is the culmination of over 13 years of experience optimizing organization and productivity. We are well versed in both Business and Residential settings – offering both virtual and on-site consulting. Combining a love of teaching, problem solving, and customer service, we will tailor our services to the client’s specific needs. By improving organizational deficiencies in all areas impacted by disorganization, we will leave you with the skills necessary to maintain your systems in our absence. We will help you, “Build the tracks to run the train.” CRUX Organizing is here to help you improve productivity and organization in many areas of your life.