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Task vs. Project

One of my favorite things to discuss with clients is the concept of task vs. project. There are so many things that we do in our daily life that we view as tasks, but are really projects.

Is it one step? It’s a task.

Is it more than one step? It’s a project.

No wonder we get frustrated, overwhelmed, or just plain give up when our misidentified task [aka a project]  isn’t done in one action.

When I explain this concept to a client, it’s as if I’ve turned on a million light bulbs. I can almost see their ears perk up as they release of a painful memory of  their inner child being told to clean their room and realizing that their parent had been giving them a project as if it were a task. [Hint: Telling a child to “clean their room” gives them no information for the “how” of completing the project. Be specific about tasks they can perform to complete the project.]

Take a few moments to think through the items you’ve previously classified as tasks, that should really be projects. Allow yourself to realize that projects will take more time and energy. Remember that your project might not be completed quickly, and might need to be broken into smaller chunks to get the project to the final stage.  Clients of CRUX learn how to tackle these projects easily so that they can enjoy life to the fullest!


Yours in organizing,


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