Home Office Optimization: Keep an eye out for CRUX Organizing’s Owner, Laura on BMORE Lifestyle! She’ll be talking with BMORE Lifestyle about Home Office Optimization. Blog post to follow!

BMORE Lifestyle airs on MyTV Baltimore.
Laura’s Date: Monday 8/27/18 -approx: 2:00PM


Productivity While Traveling: Laura’s expertise was featured in a Thrive.com article: How to Stay Productive and Healthy While Traveling . Be sure to also read the follow up article* Organization & Productivity While Traveling : High Impact Tips for Maximum ROI

*NAPO editor’s note: Some of the information in this post was previously seen in a Thrive.com article. Unfortunately not all of it was appropriately credited to Laura Kavinski, whose words and ideas were a major contribution to the article. We apologize for the oversight and are grateful for Laura’s contributions to the piece. Fortunately for us all, Laura decided to sit down and expand upon her original content and share even more nuggets of her knowledge and wisdom. Thanks Laura! Without further ado…