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4/9/21: 50 Ways to Leave Your Inbox 

Praise for the Presentation: “Your insight on optimizing systems to reduce time spend on email management were very helpful! We truly appreciate you for sharing your expertise!- Business Development Committee”

7/28/20: Be More Productive with Vestibular Stimulation

7/28/20:  Improvisational Sales: 90 Minute Workshop

7/7/20: Is Inbox Zero Ever Possible?

5/20/20 at 9AM-10AM I’ll be presenting for the Central Maryland Chamber of Commerce
This deeper dive 60 minute presentation of “Time Management for Virtual Meetings” will leave you with even more actionable items to stop that bleed of time and money, through the following ways:

Ø Understand the major pitfalls of wasteful virtual calls
Ø Plan accordingly and align your agenda
Ø Facilitate with time & objectives in mind

Praise for the Presentation: “I found it very helpful for managing meetings with my clients who are busy executives and value running an efficient meeting. I have applied many of your suggestions to running efficient sessions with them. And, sharing the info you provided so they could take it back to their work. Thank you, Andrea”


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from the CRUX Learning Series #ProductivityInTheWild


Home Office Optimization: Keep an eye out for CRUX Organizing’s Owner, Laura on BMORE Lifestyle! She’ll be talking with BMORE Lifestyle about Home Office Optimization. Blog post to follow!

BMORE Lifestyle airs on MyTV Baltimore.
Laura’s Date: Monday 8/27/18 -approx: 2:00PM

Productivity While Traveling: Laura’s expertise was featured in a article: How to Stay Productive and Healthy While Traveling . Be sure to also read the follow up article* Organization & Productivity While Traveling : High Impact Tips for Maximum ROI

*NAPO editor’s note: Some of the information in this post was previously seen in a article. Unfortunately not all of it was appropriately credited to Laura Kavinski, whose words and ideas were a major contribution to the article. We apologize for the oversight and are grateful for Laura’s contributions to the piece. Fortunately for us all, Laura decided to sit down and expand upon her original content and share even more nuggets of her knowledge and wisdom. Thanks Laura! Without further ado…