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I just don’t have the bandwidth! Our client was interacting with a new vendor, who was great, but needed a lot of handholding. Multiple frequent and confusing emails from the vendor overwhelmed the client. Our client sent those emails to CRUX and after a 45 minute review CRUX was on the phone taking care of everything with the vendor. Within an hour of that call CRUX was able send back to our client a written report that they could just forward to their client.  

don’t know where to start! – ADHD Executive Function Coaching – Our client was experiencing organizational and productivity struggles, specifically relating to executive functioning (ADHD). “I had already been feeling overwhelmed with everything pre-COVID, but with the sudden move to work from home it was like it grew into this digital hydra that had more heads every time I opened the computer.  Each new tool or strategy I introduced to help my productivity / improve workflow / or get organized only seemed to make the issue bigger and it was like my brain just couldn’t fathom a way out. Having dedicated time with you to actually get some guidance and learn strategies for improvement really helped me make some progress in areas of my life that had gotten incredibly overwhelming. It also helped me gain confidence in my abilities to improve my issues related to executive function. Your targeted guidance really helped me visualize the issues differently and identify realistic steps towards improvement – I definitely think anyone struggling with similar issues would benefit from your program!”
Compassion and systems set up collide! – Chronic Disorganization-  “Highly highly recommend CRUX Organizing. Laura has helped a number of friends and their families to not only declutter but to develop new systems and habits that will help keep things organized in the future. She is currently working with my mom to declutter 20+ years of junk. It’s emotional and physical labor, and she has handled it tactfully and empathetically.”
Shoot! I left it to the last minute!CRUX was contacted less than a week before move day. She was panicked & she needed planning help and transference of skills to conquer the projects that she wanted to do on her own. Within an hour CRUX had assessed the essential projects and supplied a detailed punch-list of all the things the client needed to do, in which order, and on which day. The client used this list to communicate actionable items to her helpful family members and make sure everything got done despite the last minute overwhelm! “We are in Florida. We’ve made it. We have shelves built in the garage. Boxes are on shelves. And everything is good. I really did appreciate everything that you were able to help me do, and I learned from you, and I will keep doing it here! We made it! Yay!” 

Virtual Meeting ManagementI just wanted to send a personal thank you for being our support for [our event] the past 3 weeks. I will not begin to guess the technological difficulties and coordination that you seamlessly organized for us, but rather I want to express my gratitude to you for always being so kind, communicative, and engaging even when we didn’t have the energy to match it. I fully expect our reunion to have karaoke 😊”



The Process – Client Inquiry:  FREE – We will connect virtually for oratory meeting A chance for us
confirm that CRUX and your project(s) are a great match! If not, we have a network of professionals to which we can refer First Session This one-hour session, will be scheduled if you’re ready to proceed with CRUX Organizing You will gain the insight of an expert in your space/project/system as CRUX assesses the scale of the project(s) Based on this conversation CRUX will advise a plan of action Services are available  hourly or in prepaid packages With a package you receive  a discount & the flexibility to break sessions into smaller scheduled amounts of time CRUX is working to change habits and create systems, which does not happen overnight. Virtual Organizing Conference Call Time Management Workflow / Process Improvement Productivity Time Management Customer Service Consulting Paper Management Client Interaction Training Space Management CHRONIC DISORGANIZATION  Packages Curated for Client Needs