Creatively Organized

One of my favorite moments is when a client says, “But Laura, you don’t understand. I’m creative, so I can’t be organized. You’re not creative like I am, and that’s why you’re organized.”

I get to break it to them, that I am creative. I sing, I dance, I act, I like to build things, I recondition furniture, I like to decorate, and I’ve painted a water color or three in my time. In fact, I’m organized so that I can be MORE CREATIVE!

But wait, you say… Doesn’t structure mean things are rigid? Nope. It means that you know what has to and can be moved when things change. Want to take the evening off to go get engaged? You can do that stress free, because you were able to reschedule what was planed for that evening (True story! #BeingOrganizedAllowedMeToSayYes!).

It’s when we start looking at organizing and productivity from a creative viewpoint that we end up creating a better life for ourselves. So, I ask you: What can you organize creatively? What items can you move around to make life more streamlined? Let me know what you decide to do!

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